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Navara or Raider: it's a tough call

By unknown | Jun 17, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

I'VE JUST read the review in today's (last week) paper about the Toyota Hilux Double Cab 3,0 D4-D. Thank you for a brilliant article.

I'VE JUST read the review in today's (last week) paper about the Toyota Hilux Double Cab 3,0 D4-D. Thank you for a brilliant article.

I hope you can point me in the right direction: I'm looking for a comparison between the Nissan Navara and Toyota Hilux (either both petrol or both diesel models).

Themba Mothupi


THEMBA, that's a tall order because both the Nissan Navara and Toyota Hilux ranges are very capable vehicles. As you will know, both manufacturers offer various engine options, including 2,5- litre turbo-diesels and 4-litre V6 petrol engines.

I have to admit to a liking for a powerful, unstressed, fuss-free petrol engine, but if one compares the fuel economy figures, a different picture emerges.

The 2,5 turbo-diesels might give you 11litre-100km in mixed driving, whereas the V6 petrol models will hardly get 7litre-100km. You can't argue with cold figures. Unless one has plenty of Sasol shares, it's got to be a diesel.

Focusing on the Nissan Navara 2,5 DCi Double Cab 4x2 and the Toyota 2,5 D-4D Raised Body Raider Double Cab, we see that they're closely matched on specifications.

Both have 2,5 common rail, turbocharged diesel engines.

The Navara has a clear edge over the Raider on maximum power, torque, power-to-mass ratio and top speed. The Navara has a 6-speed manual gearbox, the Raider a 5-speed.

The Raider comes with a diff lock as standard, the Navara doesn't. Both have the full array of safety and convenience features: the norm in upmarket vehicles.

Price-wise the Raider has a substantial advantage over the Navara.

The list price of the Raider is R294700 (VAT incl), which will translate into a monthly payment of R6381 over 54 months if bought on HP with a 10percent deposit.

The list price of the Navara is R330900 (VAT included), which requires a monthly payment of R7164 over 54 months with a 10percent deposit. Discounts will probably be on offer in the current buyer's market.

The Raider is built here; the Navara's imported from Spain.

The factor that's difficult to capture is after-sales service.

Hand-in-hand with it goes long-term reliability and resale value. The Navara requires services at 15000km intervals, and comes with a service plan of 3 years-100000km, extendable at extra cost to 7years-200000km.

The Raider requires services at 10000km intervals and comes with a service plan of 5-years or 90000km, extendable to 5 yrs/ 200000km. At present, Toyota has the more extensive service network, which makes for more convenience in your choice of dealer.

I strongly recommend that you try to do back-to-back test drives in the two vehicles.

I did exactly that last weekend. My subjective impression was that the Raider is smoother, quieter, more comfortable.

Considering its price advantage and Toyota's solid reputation, I gave the laurels to the Raider. But your requirements might well differ from mine.

Nissan dealers have received word of a "model enhancement" on the Navara towards the end of June, which will include a "more affordable" model.

It might be worth waiting for that before you decide.


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