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Materia turns out an amazing little big car

By Mabuyane Kekana | Jun 17, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

THE Daihatsu Materia is not one of the cars that you of hear people fuss about.

THE Daihatsu Materia is not one of the cars that you of hear people fuss about.

It is one of those cars that somehow remain on the sidelines.

When I took "ownership" of a Materia earlier this year my 8-year-old son was not impressed and neither were my mother and a few friends.

I asked myself whether this was a vote of no confidence in the little Japanese creation.

I tried hard to convince all who criticised the car because of its design that it was a good car and had lots to offer.

It took a while before the people around me warmed up to the Materia and started singing its praises.

Now I can safely say they are in love with its capabilities but hate its looks.

The Materia does not possess the styling that wins design of the year but it catches your attention. It is a practical car with lots of convenient features that make driving fun.

My son's dislike of the Materia disappeared when we took a long trip and he sat playing happily at the back.

The Materia has a bigger car feel about it.It offers seating positions that one usually gets only in bigger sedans.

The 1,3-litre petrol engine gave more than I anticipated.

It has a power output of 76kW and torque of 132Nm for the manual.

The gearbox is amazing. It also sticks to the road like a bigger car.

The trip was a pleasure right up to the end.

Though the Materia managed to get a nickname, "Big Head", from my family, they all loved it.


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