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Taps run dry as officials 'divert' water to their houses

By Michael Sakuneka | Jun 11, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

TWO councillors in the Greater Tzaneen municipality have been accused of diverting water to their homes through illegal connections at the expense of 10000 people.

They might face the wrath of the community after failing to show up at a meeting organised by residents to decide their fate.

The two councillors were among 17 families who have allegedly illegally connected water to the 100-litre Jojo tanks which had been installed at their homes at Motupa and Mopye villages.

This had blocked the flow of water from Thapane Dam to a reservoir on a hill, which is supposed to supply the entire community of about 10000 people.

The councillors' failure to attend a meeting which was organised by the community at Motupa village yesterday had aggravated the matter.

The community is threatening to invade their homes and cut the connections should they fail to turn up for another meeting scheduled for next Wednesday.

The councillors are alleged to have connected water to the homes of their relatives illegally, thereby blocking the supply of water to the reservoir.

The two, Monica Makhuthudise, a PR councillor, and Ward 10 councillor Rylinah Maunatlala, had been accused of being part of the problem which resulted in the community buying water from families who have boreholes in the area.

The water is allegedly sold for R2 a20-litre container.

"We became suspicious after noticing that neither of the two councillors cared about our water problem," community leader Masilo Boima said.

Greater Tzaneen municipal manager Mabakane Mangena said yesterday he was not aware of the allegations.

He said the council would launch an investigation into the allegations and action would be taken against thoseresponsible.


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