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Safa to blame for Bafana Bafana's pay dispute

By unknown | Jun 11, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

THE country seems angry with Bafana Bafana!

THE country seems angry with Bafana Bafana!

Well, that's how it came across yesterday.

The headlines were screaming and scathing on the 23-man squad's belief on what they think they are worth.

In total, it is said they "demanded" R34million to win the Confederations Cup which kicks off on Sunday.

That translates to roughly about R1,4million for each player.

Sounds like a lot of money to any layman.

And, it sounds like an obscene amount to the uninitiated.

It is also safe to say they are going to get more stick in the days to come.

But, yours truly believes it is not an unreasonable request to make.

Note the word request against demand, because that is what the meeting was all about.

That the issue is being raised just days before the kick-off of the "Festival of Champions" should actually be blamed on the South African Football Association.

They have had the team in camp for more than three weeks now and should have taken the initiative to discuss such issues.

It is through their silence that the players decided to raise the matter.

But now the goalposts are being shifted and the poor players are being threatened with being kicked out.

Let's pause!

Why make such a fuss of the matter?

Mesays let's call the players' bluff instead.

Agree to the request and make a counter offer.

Win the event and you get the moolah!

Lose it and you get zilch.

It's easy, really!

It is a fact that we have to give incentives to the guys so they can perform at their maximum.

And, this is one way of boosting their confidence ahead of the job.

But, honestly, between you and me, dear reader, do you fervently and realistically believe the team we have can go all the way?

Methinks not!

So what's the fuss?

They may go through Iraq and New Zealand and, that's it. Tournament over! Thank you very much.

Anything more than that will be a bonus (pun intended).

For Safa to today turn around and plead poverty should be blamed on the organisation itself.

They are the one's who started the whole ridiculous remuneration packages after all.

Carlos Alberto Parreira was being paid R1,8million a month before he made enough to go on early retirement.

His suggested successor, Joel Natalino Santana told everybody who cared to listen that he was going to earn more in 13 months here than he has in 30 years of football in his motherland.

Who is being greedy here? These boys are South Africans for crying out loud. Patriotism!

Some people are raking in millions from the beautiful game while we are told that the players are not patriotic.

With that in mind why should players be held to ransom by that word? Animal Farm. Football is a very short career as we all know.

So it should not be wrong for its practitioners to make money when they still can rather than die with nothing to show for it and still be blamed for being buried as paupers.

One may say I am playing devil's advocate but am I glad I got that off my chest! No apologies.

Instead let's start negotiations for the 2010 Fifa World Cup now and avoid such embarrassment in future.

Let the games begin!


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