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R212m missing from East Cape health coffers

Millions intended to be spent on the health needs of Eastern Cape residents have gone missing from d.

Dunce cap for Sadtu

By unknown | Jun 10, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

THE ill-named South African Democratic Teachers Union has no idea of democracy.

THE ill-named South African Democratic Teachers Union has no idea of democracy.

The union is instructing its members to prevent any schooling from taking place until the education department appoints principals it approves in local schools.

Its activists are driving around Soweto, disrupting classes and examinations, and sending kids home.

Sadtu regional spokesperson Ronald Nyathi has even urged teachers to report principals who defy the union.

"If you see a school operating, stop your car, go into the school and discipline them," he said.

The union started disrupting classes and the district offices last week.

Now Nyathi has the effrontery to boast that Sadtu is "very happy no education district is operating in Soweto".

This is not the first time the ostensible democratic union has resorted to thuggery to impose its will.

Our schools would be in a far better shape if its members spent half as much time teaching as they do on misdirected labour actions.

It's way past the time that these so-called educators were sent back to class to learn they have a higher calling to fulfil and that loutishness is not the way to settle disputes in a democracy.

For too long we have allowed these buffoons to hold our education system to ransom for their narrow interests. Now their employer needs to act on its promise, take a firm stand and fail these ignoramuses who have failed our kids.


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