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By unknown | Jun 01, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

EVERY time I think my issues are nearly coming to an end, something comes up like a hurricane.

EVERY time I think my issues are nearly coming to an end, something comes up like a hurricane.

I recently convinced myself that as long as I pretend not to see the problems, they would go away. Wrong. So I might as well start thanking them - perhaps that is the magic. Pretend to be welcoming storms and idiots.

My other half and I (who says we have to wait for the exchange of rings to proclaim ourselves in such terms) were annoyingly getting along that weekend. Not a thing to fight about. We even agreed on what to watch on TV. Imagine, I agreed to watch that Flavor Flav rubbish. Then in came my ex.

He thinks he can rock up and demand attention. He arrives, removes his sunglasses, his jacket and I'm sure if I let him, he will even remove his shoes followed by . eeuuwww!

Don't guys realise that when it's over, it's over? I have a man and my ex knows it but someone must have told him that women like attention so much they will chuck you out when all they want is a commitment. How wrong!

If I were an attention seeker, I would demand it from my man .

Einstein rocked up with an empty stomach. Double eeuuwww. People should know better than to harass a former lover for a plate of food.

And believe it or not, my man was watching the unfolding drama. I'm sure he even thought that I had double-dated or something.

I had to make my ex food just so he could vanquish himself before someone else did. Once he murdered the plate thrust his way, the man made himself more at home and commended my culinary skills.

"That's the one thing I miss about you," he said. "Now how about a beer?" Was he out to start a fight with a peaceful man?

Then he worked on his beer with a huge effort to beat a snail at its game.

I knew I would kill him if I hung around, so I found an excuse to make myself scarce and went shopping for grocery. I took my time dilly-dallying with every onion I bought in the hope that the moron would be gone when I got back home. But there he was, still sharing a beer with my guy.

A friend says there's nothing wrong with two brothers getting along. It's not that I don't want them to get along but you don' t expect an ex to go out of his way to be buddies with your man. Such liaisons are pointless. No, they are sick.

You do not have to be friends with someone who is unfair competition. If you want to give someone a rival, make sure it's someone they can compete with. And on such unfair occasions, where the axe lands on you rather than him, walk away with your dignity intact. No one will judge you for not talking to the bastard. He's already won.


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