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The mother knows who her child's father is

By unknown | May 28, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Sowetan on May 25 headlined "Mom's 18-year secret" refers.

White people say for one to be familiar with the whole truth, read between the lines - Thina si ifunda ivhaliwe.

We don't have to open the book at all. Our elders welcomed a newborn by simply looking at the child's phenotype and saying the baby looks like their uncle's sister's husband's daughter or son. They new this was not true, but they did it to keep peace and harmony between the baby's parents.

Unfortunately, that skill was not passed on to our generation. Thus we have to rely on DNA tests, which are not 100percent, but 99,99percent accurate.

The fact remains - you have maintained the child all along. You have acted like a father. You have created a father-daughter bond for 18 years. No one should take that away. I would advise you to continue supporting that child who is already in Grade 12. Give her an opportunity to be someone. She will thank you one day and will always hold you in high esteem, even though you are not her biological father.

Don't take revenge on her mother. Former president Nelson Mandela preached reconciliation as is the new incumbent, uMsholozi. Do not be angry. Forget the past. I know it is traumatic, but living in the past won't change anything.

Papa ngwana o tsejwa ke mmagwe - the mother knows who the real father is and that is between her and her God. Let's not judge her. To the daughter, hold your head sky high, though people will talk. Take this like being thrown into a lions' den. Make pussy-cats of the lions.

To Sowetan, why show the child. She was not part of the mess. Talk of good journalism gone out the window.

Sammy Skosana, Pretoria


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