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Reports that Dlamini on hunger strike false

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Go for it, Sexwale go

By unknown | May 26, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

THIS is it: a message every right-thinking South African has been waiting for.

THIS is it: a message every right-thinking South African has been waiting for.

"Poverty sucks. Humanity and human settlements should rock," said businessman-cum-politician Tokyo Sexwale yesterday.

To the millions of poverty-ravaged South Africans - many of them who squat in ramshackle abodes - this must sound like a soothing melody.

The government has stumbled from one minister to another and none can claim to have satisfactorily addressed our continuously lengthening housing backlog.

Some people have been on the waiting list for longer than our democratic regime.

Others were mysteriously removed from the list as rampant corruption muddied the Reconstruction and Development Programme.

Most of the work was shoddy. To date, we have still to see an RDP house with a room big enough to fit in a double-bed bedroom suite.

The government's good intentions were abused left, right and centre.

Enter Sexwale, now Minister of Human Settlements. "Housing development is about infrastructure development," he emphasised.

"I want to lift the 2,2 million people on the housing backlog out of poverty."

We can only shout at the top of our voices: "Viva Tokyo Viva."

We wish you well.


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