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You don't mess around with this traffic cop!

By unknown | May 22, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Riot Hlatshwayo

Riot Hlatshwayo

Taxi drivers and other motorists do not fool around when they know she is in the vicinity.

Some say traffic cop Pearl Pillay is "too tough for our liking" while others say she is "rude and unprofessional".

Taxi driver Elmon Ndobe says "she is the worst in the Mbombela traffic department" .

"She thinks she owns the streets of Nelspruit," said Ndobe.

He said Ndobe once gave him a mouthful in front of passengers on a street near the Nelspruit taxi rank.

"She called me a stupid little taxi driver," Ndobe said.

Ndobe said he felt so humiliated by the verbal attack from the traffic cop that he told fellow taxi drivers about it.

They also told of their bad experiences with the officer.

"The Mbombela traffic department has unleashed a rude woman who believes she owns the streets of Nelspruit.," complained another taxi driver.

A motorist said he also had a confrontation with the traffic officer.

"Ah! That one, she is very rude and does not deserve to work with the public," the motorist said.

"She has a short temper and an urge to fight at the slightest provocation."

Some people, however, believe Ndobe is doing her job. "Who does not know how taxi drivers behave." said a motorist who did not want to be named.

Sowetan was not spared the by the tough-talking Ndobe.

This reporter stopped his car in Brown Street, next to a "No Stopping" sign on Wednesday.

Pillay was seen driving along the same street about 200m away.

Her car approached and stopped next to the Sowetan's reporter's car.

She shouted: "What makes you think this is a place for parking, sir?"

"Greetings madam, how are you?" said the reporter.

"How I am does not matter, do you think this is a parking?

"I'll show you what I do best and don't take my picture as I'm not your wife," she said before getting out of the car and writing out a R500 fine.

Mbombela traffic department head, Eddie Prolius, said he could not comment before receiving written questions .


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