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All-night DJ reckons Red Bull is still tops

By unknown | May 21, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

DJ Vigi Lante hardly sleeps. He's up all night rocking the crowds with unstoppable hip-hop tracks.

DJ Vigi Lante hardly sleeps. He's up all night rocking the crowds with unstoppable hip-hop tracks.

He plays in the rap group Glitteratti, with artists Maggs and Morale, Tido and Sean Pages, and never fails to keep the crowd bopping to hi-energy sounds.

He also runs his own sound company and is studying for a BCom Accounting degree.

He's energised the airwaves with shows on YFM and recently DJed with international group Slum Village on their South African tour. Lante has also appeared on the show Obamo on Channel O.

With so much going Lante drinks energy drinks to keep himself going. His usual brand is Red Bull but he was happy to give some other brands a try.

Lukozade is first up. "The packaging doesn't appeal to me," says Lante. "It's glass, which makes it heavy, and the design seems dated." He takes a sip. "It tastes too medicinal. It's too fizzy and there's not enough flavour."

Powerade is more of a sportsman's drink to replace lost nutrients and minerals, he says. "The packaging is more sports oriented. It's plastic so you can drop it," says the DJ. "But it's lacking in a strong, definitive flavour."

Energade has a stronger flavour and is delicious. "I would drink this to quench my thirst and not only for a burst of energy," says the DJ. "Energade is also good for putting back what sport takes out."

Go Girl are seriously limiting their market. "I wouldn't normally pick up this drink because it says that it's for girls."

"T he packaging is cool and the flavour is pleasant, but it's not fizzy enough. It's sweet and tastes as if it will give you energy."

Red Bull with Taurine vitalises body and mind, says the popular energy drink can. "There's something about the thought of a bull seeing red that makes me wanna charge."

"I love this drink. The taste is perfect. It doesn't taste watered down. I can taste the caffeine, so I know it works. It has a flavour that I associate with lots of energy."


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