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Frank Maponya

The man, who was sentenced to 18 years in jail for the cold- blooded murder of four senior officials at the Seshego Hospital, bragged yesterday that he would "come back".

Judge J Tsoka of the Polokwane high court in Limpopo said yesterday that the accused, Samson Tsamago, was "remorseful".

After sentencing, Tsamago, 29, told everybody who cared to listen that he will "come back".

"The judge actually did me a favour by not giving me a life sentence. The sentence he gave to me is nothing," he boasted.

Maredi Mphahlele, a law lecturer at the University of Venda, said a person who has been sentenced to 18 years in prison can only get parole after serving 12 years of the sentence.

The sentence was arrived at partly because his lawyer, Advocate Ralph Ndleve, had persuaded the court to allow Tsamago an opportunity to apologise to the relatives of the victims.

Ndleve also persuaded the court to ignore Tsamago's first offence, in which he knocked down a pedestrian using a state vehicle and failed to report the matter until his arrest.

The incident happened in April 2006 and the court agreed and treated Tsamago as a first offender. Tsoka then withdrew four charges against Tsamago.

The charges related to robbery, pointing of a firearm and illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition. He was then found guilty of four counts of murder.

Tsamagohad killed the hospital's chief executive, Martha Putuka, transport officer Godfrey Mamashela, corporate manager Arnold Rammbuda, and Justice Maanda, who worked in the labour section.

This was after they allegedly instituted processes to have him dismissed "without a hearing".

The incident happened on October 19 2007. Tsamago allegedly grabbed a firearm from a security guard at the gate and used it to kill his victims.


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