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Sne Masuku

Sne Masuku

Taxi bosses in KwaZulu-Natal are putting pressure on newly-appointed Minister of Transport Sbu Ndebele to reverse decisions made by the previous minister.

The taxi bosses said they hoped Ndebele would do away with the taxi re-capitalisation and the Bus Rapid Transport programmes.

Boy Zondi of the KwaZulu-Natal Taxi Council, who was speaking at the farewell ceremony for Ndebele at Woodburn Stadium in Pietermaritzburg yesterday, said their problems were the result of decisions made at national level.

He said the taxi industry was unhappy about some of the laws implemented by the Department of Transport.

He claimed the laws were designed to benefit other sectors of the transport industry but not the taxi industry.

"Our last hope is that you (Ndebele) will now make decisions that will not destroy the taxi industry but build it," Zondi said.

"We do not want the BRT system. It will destroy us.

"The re-capitalisation programme is also a disaster for our industry, and since the decisions were made nationally even our MEC was unable to do anything about the problems even if he wanted to.

"We were relieved when you were appointed and we hope that things are going to get better for the taxi industry."

He said the government had made them believe that they would benefit from the implementation of the taxi re-capitalisation programme but they had not.

"A taxi owner who had four vehicles is now left with only two and a person who owned 10 vehicles only has five left," Zondi said.

The council gave Ndebele two cows as a token of their appreciation for the good relationship he had with the taxi industry while he was transport MEC.

Representatives from Vukuzakhe constructors thanked Ndebele for assisting them to build successful businesses and presented him with a brand new Mercedes-Benz S500.

Vukuzakhe is a provincial initiative to empower black-owned construction companies.


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