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You can't wish Mbeki away

By unknown | May 14, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Why did Jacob Zuma omit Thabo Mbeki's name in his speech in Parliament? Simple, he is paying lip service when he talks about reconciliation in the country.

It is amateurish and unprofessional to try and wipe Mbeki's name off this country's history. This is the clearest sign that Zuma is not the forgiving person that he projects himself to be. This lack of judgment always puts him in a corner.

Mbeki, despite all his mistakes, governed with passion and the best of his ability and never hid behind theso-called collective. He took decisions, some of them very tough, even though they affected his popularity.

The successes the ANC bragged about in the election campaign were achieved under his stewardship.

Why is it then that all the bad things are attributed to Mbeki and the good ones to the ANC? Shame on Zuma. And I bet Blade Nzimande had everything to do with omitting Mbeki's name.

Protocol dictates that you mention a predecessor in a takeover speech. The fact that Zuma mentioned all the presidents except Mbeki smacks of brinkmanship, and lack of judgment and humility. Whether you like him or not, Mbeki ran this country for almost 15 years and you can't simply wish him away.

Maredi B Mello, Kempton Park


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