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Mixed reaction to Mtya's new role as Boxing SA boss

By unknown | May 13, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Bongani Magasela

Bongani Magasela

The appointment of Loyiso Mtya as acting chief executive of Boxing SA on Monday has been met with mixed feelings from some members of the fight fraternity that Sowetan spoke to yesterday.

The hot seat was vacated last Thursday by Bongani Khumalo after being at the helm since June 2007.

The general feeling was Mtya's the appointment was cause for concern but there was no need to panic because it is only a temporary situation.

But Jan Bergman, chairman of the National Boxers Association, says Mtya deserved to be given the full-time post.

"He is the right person for this job. His enthusiasm, passion and, most importantly, the knowledge of this sport stands him in good stead," said Bergman, adding that he had so much faith in Khumalo.

Mtya's appointment rests on the shoulders of Sports Minister Makhenkesi Stofile. The board of Boxing SA can only recommend a candidate and offer motivation. Chairman Peter Ngatane said on Monday that they hoped the process will not take long.

Promoter Rodney Berman said: "Trainers are good, so are promoters. We just need the right administrators. Hopefully all promoters will be treated equally, and rules will not be bent for others."

His opposite number, Branco Milenkovic, said Khumalo's departure had further damaged the image of the organisation in the public eye.

"The image of Boxing SA in the public eye was not good even prior to Khumalo' s departure. I hope this change will resolve the problems whatever they may be in administration.

"In my opinion the biggest problems within the organisation is lack of leadership and decision-making. I had a good relationship with Bongani and I hope it will be the same with Loyiso."

Meanwhile, Mxolisi Gumede, vice president of the Gateng Promoters Association, said he was saddened by Khumalo's insistence on leaving.

"We requested him to remain as CEO but could not convince him. This is rather very concerning in light of the allegations made by Jeff Ellis live on national television a fortnight ago, when he alleged there were funds in question within Boxing SA.

"In light of all that and the resignation of Khumalo, Jos Steyn, who was in the finance department, has also left Boxing SA. These are people who we believe we could work with to improve the image of our game," he said.

Regarding Mtya's appointment he said: "No comment".


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