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De Klerk and Tutu's actions baffling

By unknown | May 11, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

I strongly believe that the Norwegian Nobel committee should be investigated.

I suspect someone in the committee laced the Nobel medals of FW de Klerk and Desmond Tutu with a sinister chemical agent that over the years affects the brain functions of the recipients.

Desmond "Won't Vote" Tutu's recent rantings have now become nursery rhymes and De Klerk refuses to be outdone by "the holy one".

I am baffled by the De Klerk Foundation's application for the public protector to declare the ANC's cadre deployment policy unlawful and unconstitutional.

During elections political parties sell their manifestos to the electorate. When the majority endorses a party's manifesto the party becomes the ruling party and its manifesto is translated into policies.

The norm in all democracies is that the ruling party deploys its cadres to government to implement these policies.

Now what De Klerk suggests is that in this case the ANC leave the implementation of its policies to any and everyone out there.

If these officials from opposition parties, who campaign to "Stop die ANC gevaar", are allowed to fill the strategic ranks of government, can they be trusted to loyally serve the mandate and policies of the ANC? And when things go "deurmekaar" is it not the same opposition parties who will be first to put the blame solely on the ANC?

Eddie Gaffane, Midrand


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