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PVA's Roy auctions on soapie

By unknown | May 08, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

The actor in the auctioneer is being formally recognised, it would seem, at least insofar as PVA's Roy Lazarus is concerned, for he has been given parts in two upcoming episodes of the popular soapie Isidingo, as, you guessed it, an auctioneer!

"The script calls for an auctioneer. They heard about us, auditioned me and I got the part," says the lanky, boisterous, long-distance runner, pictured.

Anyone who knows Roy will recognise his potential to become another Bruce Willis or Brad Pitt - at least if sheer energy has anything to do with it, for this is a man who seems to be everywhere at once and yet is never in the same spot for more than five minutes!

His Isidingo roles call firstly, for him to be auctioning a property, surrounded by keen bidders including some of the leading Isidingo characters.

In his second appearance he's again auctioning, but this time there is more interaction with the other cast members.

Was the audition tough? "Not at all. Auctioneering is of course second nature to me, and I was perfectly relaxed in front of the cameras. Nonetheless, I now begin to understand why they pay actors such big bucks," he says.

Does he feel he will give up his auction career for stage and screen stardom?

"Put it this way. The auction industry is my life, but I would be perfectly willing to take on another role should someone decide they needed me.

"And if Hollywood were to make me an offer I couldn't refuse, well ." says Roy, with a twinkle in his eye.

More seriously though, he sees his TV appearance as an opportunity for someone who has never attended an auction before to get a taste of how it all works.

"There are people out there who have never enjoyed the excitement of an auction, perhaps believing that it's not for them and that they could do the wrong thing.

"The fact is, there is nothing to fear about auctions, procedures are dead simple as the Isidingo clips will show and really, if you are looking for a bargain buy in almost anything, there's nothing to beat the vibe and opportunity of an auction."

Look out for Roy's screen debut on SABC3 on May 21 at 6.30pm, and his follow-up appearance on July 1, same time, same programme.

Roy can be contacted at Park Village Auctions on 011-789-4375/6/7.


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