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DA's scare tactics failed

By unknown | May 08, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

The DA leader's hatred of Jacob Zuma is nothing but failure to recognise that this is an illusion of the highest order.

Helen Zille's behaviour towards Zuma seems to be motivated by one thing only - swart gevaar. The hatred that Zille and her ilk have for Zuma makes them blind to the many sacrifices that the ANC leader has made for this country.

Her hatred for Zuma was abundantly illustrated in the DA's 'Stop Zuma' election campaign that bordered on racism. It is true that Zille used Zuma to scare white and coloured voters. This was a tactic Zille effectively employed and it won her the Western Cape.

Her election was fought, not on the strength of the DA's policies, but on demonising Zuma and portraying him and the ANC as a party of marauding lunatics hell-bent on destroying this country.

However, the crushing victory that the ANC received in the national elections debunks the lies that were peddled by the DA and other opposition parties against the ANC.

If Zille ever hopes to challenge the ANC's hegemony, it should be on bread and butter issues. Zille should learn that you do not win an election by portraying someone as a black creature with horns, dangling tail and carrying a fork. Good policies win elections.

Siphiwe Sithole, Nelspruit


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