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'Kalamazoo' has to be honoured

By unknown | May 07, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

I wonder when Steve "Kalamazoo" Mokone is going to be honoured.

Perhaps I may have jumped the gun - the powers that be might be planning to honour him.

There is a stadium named after Moses Mabhida of the ANC, who died in exile. But to my knowledge Mabhida never played soccer and if he did he wasn't as great a player as "Kalamazoo".

"Kalamazoo" was the first soccer player in the history of SA to go overseas to ply his trade in the Netherlands.

He left in 1955. He has been honoured in Holland but not in his country of birth. What a shame. Not only was he a star footballer but he has a doctorate in psychology.

I want to know what the people of Pretoria, where "Kalamazoo" hails from, think about their hero. Should he be an ANC member to be honoured?

I don't know his political affiliation but I can say that if he had been associated with the ruling party he would long have been honoured.

He does not need an honorary doctorate, he has achieved a doctorate through hard work.

Reginald Boleo left SA in the 1960s . He is an academic par excellence. It seems he has taken citizenship of one of the European countries. Boleo should also be honoured. Our kids must know about these people and stop choosing crooks for role models.

Sam Ditshego, Kagiso


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