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Noko Matlou's move in jeopardy

By unknown | May 05, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Linda Moreotsene

Linda Moreotsene

Africa's best female football player Noko Matlou's move to greener pastures hangs in the balance, leaving her frustrated and sad.

Brazilian Ladies Football Club, the club Matlou plays for, has moved to block the player's imminent move to Iceland, instructing Safa not to issue the international transfer certificate.

In addition, club director Lemmy Mogale claims that the player has denied that Mike Fola is her agent.

But Matlou disputes this, and says she joined Fola's organisation in February on the advice of Banyana Banyana team manager Fran Hilton-Smith.

Brazilian Ladies feel that Fola excluded them from the negotiations with the team in Iceland, and accused him of selling South African players.

"We should have been contacted in these negotiations," Mogale said yesterday.

"It is procedure. We believe there is a scam of taking players out of the country, without the clubs benefitting."

But Fola - who represents a legion of South African players - has hit back, asking the club to familiarise themselves with world football governing body Fifa's transfer regulations.

"I am unhappy with the Brazilians saying that I sell players - my job is to negotiate contracts on behalf of players, and many of these players might not have had a shot otherwise had I not made this happen," Fola said.

"It is interesting that they are making such a noise about Noko, now that she won that CAF award and the R100000 from Safa.

"The Fifa rules state that all they have to do is prove that they have contributed towards making the player what she is right now.

"Did they take her to school, buy her boots, [pay for] her accommodation? Do they have a contract with her?

"The answers to that is no. So how can they call her their player and demand to look at her contract?"


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