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I'm not corrupt - manager

By unknown | May 05, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

The municipal manager of Madibeng Local Municipality in Brits, North West, has denied allegations of corruption recently levelled against him in a pamphlet circulated in the municipal offices.

Philemon Mohlopi Mapulane has described the pamphlet as faceless, and its contents as "defamatory, libelous and an attempt to assassinate his character and impugn on his reputation and integrity".

The pamphlet alleged that Mapulane, whom it also called "Mr Cash", took bribes from people and companies whose applications for tenders were approved. It also accused him of nepotism and neglecting his duties.

The same document was alluded to at a council meeting last Tuesday, where a group of councillors demanded that an investigation into the allegations be made and that Mapulane be suspended.

The meeting agreed that a Special Council Meeting be held yesterday to discuss the matter, but much to the surprise of people at the gathering, the item was withdrawn from the agenda. - McKeed Kotlolo


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