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Let's all build our country

By unknown | Apr 29, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

The way debates were conducted before the elections left some of us worried because people appeared to have resolved that they either win or the country will remain in negative mode forever.

We consoled ourselves that this was only electioneering. We thought everything would return to normal after the elections and everyone would work for the interests of all citizens.

But there are plans to work against the new government.

We hardly heard opposition parties wishing the winner good luck or pledging to work towards a better country. Even the report that Helen Zille phoned Jacob Zuma to offer her well wishes is meant to spread negativity as we were told that she was unable to get hold of JZ.

All citizens and organisations need to decide what role they are going to play. Forward-thinking, responsible leaders from the religious groupings should call for unity prayers.

I wonder though if we have any because the so-called leaders are either involved in sowing division or thinking of pleasing friends. The outside world seems to have more hope for us than we do. Please let us pray and work with our government to build our country.

If this country was to suffer any setback it will not be any one group that will suffer but all of us. Pik Botha once said that it does not matter on which colour the zebra is shot because the animal dies.

Zuzu Mdluli, Johannesburg


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