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Supercars hit the auction block

By unknown | Apr 24, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

More than 80 fine vehicles are on offer at yet another of Aucor's Supercar auctions to be held tomorrow.

They include luxury sedans, extreme sports coupes and roadsters, 4x4's of every description, all in excellent condition and all late models.

The cars, which emanate from various banks, liquidations, contested matters and insolvencies, will be sold to the highest bidder and, with the exception of two, will be sold without reserve.

"Buyers will have a field day," said Shannon Winterstein, chief executive officer of the Aucor group.

"Our sales are famous and attract a host of people looking for quality vehicles at reasonable prices," he said.

The auction takes place at Aucor's premises - 562, 15th Road, Midrand at 12.30 tomorrow.


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