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Eat your heart out Tutu, JZ is people's choice

By unknown | Apr 23, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Watching the old archbishop presenting himself as the most righteous person in the world, saying he could not come to terms with the possibility that he could wake up one day and find Jacob Zuma as his president, is comical.

A word of advice for Archbishop Desmond Tutu: You need not wait any longer but leave right away as your worst fear has just become a reality.

JZ is president! Many people who shared your fears about this country left either before or soon after previous elections. However, many came back to find this country still prosperous.

So whether the archbishop likes it or not, Msholozi is the man, the most popular politician in Africa after Madiba.

Sadly, your ill-advised comments have also tarnished your reputation as a Christian. As a "man of God", how can you be so judgmental?

Others have said you hate Zuma, but what could possibly be his sin?

And what happened to the Christian values that you are supposed to preach to ensure that we uphold as a nation?

You can learn something from an American crooner who sings: "You preacher, preach the truth."

Hlomelang Hlelesi, Pretoria


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