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JZ's better than biblical leaders

By unknown | Apr 20, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

God Himself chose evil men as leaders in the Bible. We worship these men, but find it difficult to accept one of our own, who's merely accused.

Jacob Zuma is less evil than some biblical leaders. I wonder how those who hate Zuma, including Desmond Tutu and Helen Zille, know that his rule will be the worst the country has seen. For them, any democratic outcome and legal recourse is acceptable - as long as it doesn't favour Zuma. Their hatred and mistrust is based on unfounded fear. People call him a thug and rapist. Those who hate him know that Bulelani Ngcuka, Leonard McCarthy andothers conspired against Zuma and the court found that his rape accuser lied .

Christians like Tutu will never allow Zuma to be president. If Zuma is prejudged unfit, then you imply God erred too .

King Solomon was a womaniser with 700 wives and 300 concubines. This was adultery. David, from whose family branch Jesus came, had more than two wives. He caused the death of his wife's husband. Moses was chosen to deliver Israelites from Pharaoh in Egypt - after he had killed an Egyptian. His other weakness was impatience.

So if justice is on Zuma's side and he is democratically elected as president, so be it, fellow Christians.

Duliwe Sowaga, Cosmo City


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