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'Dutch courage' ad pulled

By unknown | Apr 16, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

LONDON - A beer advert that suggested a man needed a drink before gaining enough "Dutch courage" to tell a woman that a new dress made her bottom look big, is unacceptable, Britain's Advertising Standards Authority said yesterday.

The advert for Courage beers shows a nervous man on a couch next to a can of beer with a woman standing with her back to him wearing a tight dress with its sales label still attached.

A speech bubble from the beer said: "Take courage my friend," a throwback to Courage's advertising slogan of the 1950s.

Three people complained that the advert implied the beer would give him confidence to make negative comments about the woman or take advantage of her.

The Wells & Youngs Brewing Company said it had ensured there was no reference to bravery in the advert and that consumer research had found no suggestion that the beer would give the man confidence. - Reuters


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