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New language, methods hide DA's racism

By unknown | Apr 14, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Racism runs in the DA's DNA and Helen Zille, who has a madam complex, sees blacks as handmaidens and lackeys.

There is a minuscule presence of black s in the DA' s candidates' lists, which are led by whites, Indians or Coloureds in a country that is overwhelmingly black African. They have camouflaged racism by emphasising skills and a subtle language of incompetence and corruption. When the party talks about skills, they mean jobs for whites only, who have benefited under a previous racist educational system. Whites are still the largest beneficiaries of employment.

Their inflammatory proposals want to see ethnic groups with "skills" other than blacks in government .

And skills transfer is neatly skirted in line with their ancestral heritage.

When they talk about corruption, they demonise blacks and conveniently forget that fraud is a two-way occurrence.

In the SMME sector too, the largest beneficiaries are white companies that have managed to corrupt BEE laws by circumventing them. So massive corruption by whites is permissible as long as it undercuts the laws of the black-led government.

Even society is quick to accuse the government of corruption yet people often bribe government officials. People boast that they have connections, but when others do the same, then it is corruption.

Mduduzi Dlamini, Johannesburg


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