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Sowetan didn't do justice to Bread Bin story

By unknown | Apr 08, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

I feel that your exposé of the Bread Bin supermarket in Bosmont, Johannesburg, is weak and toothless.

As a black newspaper, your exposé leaves a lot to be desired.

I do not think the victims, Lebogang Mabulana and Muzi Magwaza, will benefit from your article because they will soon be forgotten and life will carry on as normal.

Firstly, your supposed objective reporting: "Rashid said that Mabulana and Magwaza were liars because they did not want to stick to the work time-table" is both old-fashioned and patronising.

Secondly, the overwhelming evidence against the Bread Bin and what is happening there behind closed doors to black people shows that you should stop treating these individuals with kid gloves.

I appreciate the work of reporter Luzuko Pongoma, but you fail to expose (name and shame ) toothless government persons/organisations and independent bodies that are supposed to deal with such employers' flagrant violations of workers' dignity in spite of the huge budgets they receive every year .

If I was a racist myself I would do the same, knowing that nobody would arrest me.

These incidents belong to the 1960s and we have all the power as a black government and institutions (Sowetan included), but we are too daft to do anything about the situation.

Muhammad Molai, Gauteng


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