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'It won't bring my dad back'

By unknown | Apr 03, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Nelly Sishi

Nelly Sishi

"I will never forgive them," is what Lucky Dube's son Thokozani said after his father's killers were sentenced to life imprisonment.

A visibly upset Thokozani, 22, welcomed the sentence but said it would not bring his father back. "The only thing we get out of this is the satisfaction of knowing they are in prison. It won't bring my father back.

"They are still alive, their families can still see them. I can never forgive them, what they did was too bad. Personally, I would like to close this chapter, do what I do, and move on with my life," he said.

Thokozani was the only eyewitness to his father's murder and one of the key state witnesses.

He was the only person with a dry eye among his family members who gathered in the witness room after the court had adjourned. Dube's wife, Zanele, cried hysterically, and for the first time responded to media questions.

"We are thankful that justice has been done. But that won't take away the pain. My children will still grow up without their father.

"My last born was only three months old when his father died," she said.

She has three children with the reggae icon aged seven, five and the baby who is now one-and-a-half years old.

Dube's murder was not just a great loss to the family. His band members with whom he had worked since the 1980s, were robbed of a man who provided their income.

Guitarist and band leader Skipper Tshabalala said: "We don't need such people in our society, they should live with animals."


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