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We're not like rest of Africa

By unknown | Apr 01, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

After independence, most sub-Saharan African countries became single-party states under the assumption that this was necessary to rebuild nations and develop economies.

The opposition was tolerated as long as it was not a threat, but eliminated, co-opted or forced into exile as in Tunisia, Chad, Senegal, Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya and the Ivory Coast, among others. Others became military regimes like Ethiopia, Liberia and Uganda, but most of these and the others are today failed states - (Carlos García Rivero, 2008).

This is unlikely to happen in South Africa. Debates that the ANC is leading South Africa into a failed state are not objective. One reason is that when the ANC assumed power, it did not transform the country into a one-party state, but encouraged political competition. Another is that it also did not turn the country into a military regime.

The ANC develops cadres where each member is developed into a leader . It always has succession, hence since its formation, it has had many presidents, unlike Zanu-PF which has had one leader since the 1980s . The ANC will never go the route of other liberation movements. South Africa has a unique Constitution, political competition is rife and citizens enjoy rights they never enjoyed before. All these positives were brought about by the ANC.

Oshupeng Maseng, Mafikeng


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