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'mbeki tapes don't exonerate ZUMA'

By unknown | Mar 31, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Anna Majavu

Anna Majavu

The South African Law Society believes that ANC president Jacob Zuma must still answer to the 16 charges of racketeering, fraud, corruption and money laundering, even if phone taps of conversations between former president Thabo Mbeki and former national director of public prosecutions Bulelani Ngcuka prove there was a political conspiracy against him.

"Political interference in the National Prosecuting Authority from any quarter is unacceptable. But we cannot develop a principle that cases must be dropped because there is the potential that I might implicate you," the Law Society of South Africa's co-chairperson, Max Boqwana, said yesterday.

Speaking during the society's yearly general meeting in Cape Town, Boqwana said Zuma's legal team would have had to "obtain those tapes legally for them to serve any useful purpose".

"Even if the tapes implicate Mbeki in any crime, this does not exonerate Zuma," Boqwana said.

"It would only mean that Mbeki must answer for the role he has played," he said.

Justice Minister Enver Surty said that like every other citizen, Zuma was entitled to make representations to the NPA.

Surty would not say whether the "Mbeki tapes" would provide a compelling reason for the NPA to drop the charges against Zuma.

The NPA was expected to have a meeting with Zuma's legal team yesterday.

This was to hear about the new evidence that has come to the fore relating to Zuma's case.

Media reports have indicated that the NPA was to drop the charges against Zuma following the revelation about the tapes.


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