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i'm a changed man, says lion killer

By unknown | Mar 27, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Riot Hlatshwayo

Riot Hlatshwayo

Mark Scott-Crossley, who was jailed for the murder of his employee, Nelson Chisale, says he is a changed man.

When he was released from prison last August, he was ordered to do community service.

After months of trying to track him down, on Wednesday we found him at the SH Nyalungu Primary School in Bushbuckridge, where he was doing community service.

While he still insists that he did not take part in the murder of Chisale, he has accepted that the time he did was adequate.

He still says he was an accessory - he helped dispose of Chisale's body by throwing it in the lion's den - after he had already been killed by his colleagues.

"I am not bitter at all. I did my time."

A strong supporter of ANC president Jacob Zuma, he believes they have something in common. Scott-Crossley says he has been working hard to recruit more supporters for the party. He is voting for the ANC and thinks others should do the same.

"That man (Zuma) and myself have something in common. We were wrongfully accused and we fought a winning battle. I call upon the people of this country to vote for his organisation as I'm going to do. Who else is capable of running this country other that Zuma anyway?"

He confirmed that he wears a T-shirt with Zuma's face in the Hoedspruit area so people can join the ANC.

Scott-Crossley said the correctional supervision was going well, allowing him to easily integrate back into the community.

Scott-Crossley, who owns a construction company, says his incarceration badly affected his business. His workforce is down to 112 from 300 before he was jailed.

"The prison key does not have a name tag on it. Anyone may end up getting there. In prison I met doctors, engineers, top politicians and people from all walks of life," he said.

Originally sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering Chisale, Scott-Crossley was released on parole after serving three years of a five-year jail term.

This was after the Supreme Court of Appeal overturned his conviction of murder and believed his version that he had been coerced by an employee to dispose of Chisale's body by feeding him to the lions at his farm in Hoedspruit.

Scott-Crossley's co-accused, Simon Mathebula, was not so lucky. He is still languishing in prison, serving a 15-year sentence for murder.


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