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Don't act in ways you'll later regret

By unknown | Mar 25, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Thandekile Maseko

Thandekile Maseko

Imagine an incident that took place in Berlin, Germany, on July 9 2006, when two countries went for the most coveted accolade in football, the World Cup.

On one side stood Marco Materazzi, a talented young footballer with an astonishingly bright football career ahead of him, and he was already making waves with the Italian Series A team, Inter Milan.

On the other side stood a poised, masterful, tall, elegant genius, who was capable of moments of superb inspiration that had been displayed on various fields across the world, over the last 20 years - the mercurial Zinedane Zidane.

For Zidane, all the greatness was overshadowed and blighted in a single moment of indiscretion that involved a nasty head-butt to Materazzi's chest area.

In a moment of indiscretion, all the fine cords, and chords of Zidane's talent-filled history unravelled, and since then, he has not been viewed in the same way as he was previously revered - almost faultless.

How many of us today wish that we could go back and start all over again, retake a decision, restart a conversation, or simply wish we could have walked away from whatever it was that had vexed us so much initially?

In a society where the motto is to do as one pleases, whenever it suits them, and it is a world in which we forget about tomorrow, and only think about the present.

Somewhere out there, a teenager will choose to take a drink offered at a party, thinking it is "cool" to drink yourself senseless.

To take those drinks offered, just because someone else said that it is what it takes to be accepted: a decision that could lead to years of addiction, abuse, permanent brain damage or death.

A young girl will tonight sneak out of her home to meet some young man, to whom - because he said he loves her - she will expose herself to emotional scars so deep that it is too difficult to imagine.

If only we could stop to consider how our actions will affect others, and think before we act. Remember. You have only one chance. So, make it count!

l This is part of Thembekile Maseko's speech at the Mpumalanga leg of the Anglo American and Sowetan Young Communicators Awards.


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