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Security guards get two years’ pay after being fired for being women

Twenty-eight female guards were unfairly dismissed by a security company because the client‚ Metrora.

Sho't Left gives life to dead walls

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Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

Sho't Left has turned the streets of Newtown, Johannesburg, into an art gallery. On Thursday the campaign unveiled a wall mural in graffiti using street art to depict what tourism is all about.

Phumi Dhlomo, SA Tourism regional director Africa and Domestic, said since Sho't Left refocused their campaign target market to the young and upcoming group, which is aged between 20-34 years, and who engage more with product that presents itself in a creative manner, they had decided to use a wall mural.

"We wanted to use it where people lived and worked and affected their daily lives while bringing different forms of art into the public sphere. Part of the big job to be done was to communicate with the target market in a manner most suitable to them - hence a Sho't Left wall mural in graffiti."

Dhlomo said to be better ambassadors and hosts South Africans needed to see themselves first as travellers and to understand that tourism is all our business.

"That is why the basic premise of our domestic marketing campaign is go on a Sho't Left. It is easy, affordable fun with friends."

Dhlomo said the graffiti idea came after the successful launch of the Sho't Left igniters and TV vignettes last year. She said Sho't Left decided "to turn up its creativity volume" by working with graffiti artists such as Breeze, Rasty and HAC 1, who are ordinary young professional graffiti artists based in Joburg.

Breeze said people think of vandalism whenever the word graffiti is mentioned.

"They will be pleasantly surprised to see what graffiti can achieve," he boasted.

Breeze said graffiti had played a huge role in communicating youth culture and expression.

"It brings life to dead walls. Its use of colour and design makes it stand out even in the dingiest and darkest of corners."

Rasty said graffiti was the most effective kind of visual one could use to attract the attention of the youth. "Its street urban culture, links into sub cultures. Young people respond because they feel the attachment to the art."

Domestic statistics

l Domestic trips decreased by 23percent in 2007 from 37,1million in 2006 to 36million in 2007.

l Eastern Cape has grown tremendously to third place from fifth place in 2006.

l Holidays accounted for 15percent of all domestic trips in 2007 compared to 7percent in 2006.

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