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Cope's many spin doctors

By unknown | Mar 17, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

After Polokwane, the ANC was criticised for having too many spokespersons - who often contradicted each other or, worse, confused the very people they wished to inform.

Now that is exactly what is happening in Cope, which has Onkgopotse Tabane, Sipho Ngwema, Smuts Ngonyama and Philip Dexter as spokespersons; Mosiuoa Lekota and Mbhazima Shilowa as senior leaders and now Bishop Mvume Dandala has joined them as another senior leader.

Perhaps it will explain why a new party with no clear message spends so much time clarifying contradictions by so many spokespersons and leaders.

This started with Lekota's assertion thataffirmative action be de-racialised, which Shilowa and company tried to explain away without success. Recently, Dandala raised the old argument that there is no relationship between HIV and Aids. Spin-doctoring was relied on. Then Dandala spoke of the possibility of Cope forming a coalition with the ANC. More spin-doctoring was needed.

Just recently, Allan Boesak said there was a need for an arms deal probe, which Lekota opposes. Now with the confusion of Dandala, will Cope ever have both him and Lekota on ballot papers? Coupled with their continuous losses in the by-elections, one wonders whether this party really needs divine intervention as its executive believes, or real leadership and direction?

Luther Lebelo, Kyalami


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