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‘UCT is burning’

The University of Cape Town on Tuesday morning confirmed reports that “four cars were set alight at .

Cops 1, taxis 0

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Reports by Penwell Dlamini

Reports by Penwell Dlamini

Operation Nomakanjani may have found it tough dealing with ill-disciplined motorists on Johannesburg roads, but the campaign has got one taxi driver in the straight and narrow.

The campaign by the Joburg Metro Police Department to curb reckless driving on the roads has broken the resistance of one taxi driver who now believes he never wants to incur their wrath again.

Simon Nkosi, 33, said he has changed his ways. "I don't want to come face to face with them again. It was the way they handled me that has changed my mind about breaking the rules of the road," he said yesterday.

Nkosi, who is from Alexandra, was caught driving up a one way street the wrong way on Thursday. He said he knew he was in the wrong but it was "in the blood".

Nkosi was roughed up, arrested and spent a night at the Johannesburg Central police station. He paid a R2000 admission of guilt fine on Friday and was released.

On Thursday night the police refused to give Nkosi bail because they had to verify his address. Finally, he appeared in the Johannesburg magistrate's court on Friday.

"While waiting to be called before the magistrate some guys paid R1000 to the police and were released," said Nkosi.

He said those who paid the R1000 did not get receipts.

"In court I was not asked to plead. The interpreter only told me that I should pay R2000 admission of guilt.

"He said if I did not pay I would go to Sun City prison. I got scared. I had no choice but to pay," said Nkosi.

"I will make sure that I never break the law again."

Nkosi is now seeking legal advice about his mistreatment.


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