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call for 'racist' cop to leave

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Mfundekelwa Mkhulisi

Mfundekelwa Mkhulisi

Several Ekurhuleni Metro Police officers have called for the immediate suspension of an "unruly" official at the Alberton precinct.

The officers called for Senior Superintendent Danie van der Merwe to be removed from the precinct until their grievances were attended to.

The officers alleged Van der Merwe had violent tendencies and used "old apartheid-style management".

Ekurhuleni Samwu spokesperson Koena Ramotlou said numerous complaints had been made against Van der Merwe but nothing was done. "We believe he gets protection from senior management and we want immediate investigation on these allegations."

On Thursday, Van der Merwe was arrested for allegedly assaulting a member of the public and calling him a kaffir.

He was detained at the Alberton police station but later released on R500 bail. The following day, he briefly appeared in the Alberton magistrate's court. His case was postponed to April 23 for further investigation.

Senior public prosecutor Kenny Ramavhoya said Van der Merwe allegedly called someone a kaffir, which "is impairing the dignity of the complainant".

Ramavhoya said the prosecution did not anticipate any further charges against Van der Merwe.

Van der Merwe has not been suspended, however, metro police said they would investigate.

"We will institute an internal investigation. If evidence is strong enough to suspend him we will not hesitate to do so," said spokesperson Jimmy Maboko.

Ramotlou said: "We can't have officers who are violent against members of the public and colleagues and still serve in the police. We will follow the matter up with the municipality to see what steps are being taken."


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