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School rejects UDM offer to pay fees

By unknown | Mar 11, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Sne Masuku

Sne Masuku

There was drama at a Lamontville school when the provincial leadership of the United Democratic Movement was stopped by the principal from paying fees for pupils from poor families.

The politicians had apparently gone to the AJ Mwelase Senior Secondary School in Lamontville near Durban to hand over a cheque for the fees of six pupils from poor homes in the area.

Principal Buyani Makhanya refused the politicians entry to the school.

Makhyanya asked the UDM's provincial youth chairperson Teddy Thwala and his colleagues to leave and take their money with them.

There was an exchange of harsh words, with Makhanya and some teachers accusing the politicians of using pupils to campaign for votes.

"I told you yesterday that you cannot do this. I am surprised to see you here," Makhanya told Thwala.

Thwala insisted that their visit was because the party had been approached by certain pupils to offer assistance.

Makhanya did not want to listen to the UDM leaders and asked them to leave the school.

The argument between Makhanya and the UDM delegation went on for a while. Two police vans were later seen in the vicinity of the school.

Thwala said they had been communicating with a certain teacher at the school and had arranged to handover the cheque only a day before. Makhanya had refused to meet the UDM for the handing over ceremony.

Thwala said although Makhanya had refused them permission on the phone to hand over the cheque, he thought Makhanya would change her mind.

"If you are so concerned about these children, you should have gone through the proper channels," said Makhanya.

She said if the UDM wanted to assist her pupils, they should give the money to the children instead "of coming to claim the glory and wanting to be praised for paying fees for these pupils".

Thwala said. "We are very disappointed .

"They would not have refused permission to hand over the cheque if it had been another big political party."


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