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Spreading the peace

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Ramatsiyi Moholoa

Ramatsiyi Moholoa

Soccer legends Phil Masinga and Mark Fish will join several other South Africans in East Africa next week to promote the Confederations Cup and the 2010 World Cup.

This is an initiative by the South African government to mobilise support in African countries for the two competitions.

The Local Organising Committee and German Technical Corporation, a German nongovernmental organisation, are also involved in this project known as Caravanamani.

It is a 2010 Peace Africa Caravan that is aimed at celebrating the fifth anniversary of the peace tour to four countries - Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

It started today in Kigali, Rwanda.

As part of this peace tour emphasising soccer as a tool for peace-building and social inclusion, youth will take part in five-a-side street soccer tournaments.

The tour ends on March 28 in Tanzania.

The department of sport and recreation's director-general Vernie Petersen and 2010 World Cup mascot Zakumi are also on tour in East Africa.

Mmemme Mogotsi, government's World Cup unit spokesperson, said the peace tour will also help them spread the 2010 World Cup gospel on the continent.

"When we were bidding to host the tournament, we made it clear it will be an African World Cup."


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