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A hard night's work

By unknown | Mar 03, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Maryanne Maina

Maryanne Maina

Credit crunch or no credit crunch, the entertainment industry remains a major source of revenue globally, even here in South Africa.

After a day's hard work, people enjoy being in a relaxed environment where they can listen to music or dance the night away.

Johannesburg is known as the city that provides a good night life to many revellers as Chris Coutroulis, owner of Taboo club, affirms.

"We have been here for six years and our work is to provide a proper service to all our clients. I enjoy seeing that people are having a good time," said Coutroulis.

Besides catering for individual clients, he has a large corporate client base that hosts various events such as launches and fashion shows at his club.

"Entertainment enables people to have a good time away from their long and strenuous days," he said. "We sell drinks and ensure that our DJs provide music catering for the needs of our clients."

He starts his day at 10 every morning, and he prepares, co-ordinates, organises and delegates different duties to his staff for upcoming events.

According to Coutroulis, this job requires being skilled in people management to achieve a common short term or long term goal. Besides working in-house with his staff, he also works with various DJs, entertainment promoters and other service providers depending on the function in plan.

"You must have a complete understanding of people's entertainment needs. This experience is gained from working in the business," he said.

"People also want a relaxing environment so if you understand this concept and provide it your clientele will be very content. That's the prerequisite for this job."

Knowledge of business management is also essential. "My experience is from working behind the scenes since I started my own business, which was a fast food take away store. I like to win. I am tenacious and a perfectionist and I never give up."

The job requires working for at least 12 to 14 hours from Monday to Sunday, depending on the night.

"The challenge with this industry is that it's fickle because people get bored of going to the same place always, so we have to keep reinventing ourselves by coming up with various concepts," said Coutroulis.

"You also get problems with staff who sometimes steal the stock so we are now using control measures to curb this problem."

"Right now there is a new law by the liquor board which will require clubs to close by 2am. This will pose a challenge to the industry so we are planning to negotiate with the board to relax the laws."

Marketing of the business plays a huge role in growing its presence with its clients and prospective clients. To spread the word Coutroulis uses the website and text messages.

"I travel a lot in the continent and worldwide to see what clubs are offering their clients then I adopt these ideas if they are suitable. That way I also keep up with what's going on in the entertainment industry," he said.


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