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It's about taste and looks

By unknown | Feb 19, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

He is tall, dark and handsome and has a sultry, smooth voice that makes women weak at the knees.

His lyrics are packed with pick-up lines to help guys sweep women off their feet.

Ntando Bangani, the king of South Africa's Afro-pop scene, has enjoyed quite a few chart toppers.

He travels extensively, performing and promoting his albums, is a producer and he also owns the music label - Bornfire Entertainment. On top of all this, he enjoys spending daddy-love time with his one-year-old son Kumkani.

Bangani needs energy drinks regularly to help him juggle his very busy life.

"After a busy night at the studio, I have an energy drink in the morning and it's all systems go," he says.

USN was the first to be tested in "the top six energy drink chart". He quickly dismissed it.

"It's not an exciting drink. Healthy, but not nice," Bangani says, adding that the packaging is vibrant and attractive though.

The slim Red Bull in the blue and silver container received a better rating.

"It works for me. When I need an energy boost, it does the trick. The container is slick and straight to the point and looks professional."

About the pineapple and mango flavoured Lucozade, he says: "I don't like its taste or packaging. It has an old feel. It needs a more modern look and taste. It doesn't work for me."

Bangani liked Power Play.

"I'll give it seven out of 10. The packaging is very playful and the taste isn't too bad either. I love the bright animated colour. It shouts out for your attention," he says.

Next, he took a big gulp from the larger-than-life black Monster can.

"It's a very mean looking container, but looks like it can give you the boost you need on a tired day".

He says that the drink is indeed a monster for a shot of energy.

V was saved for last.

"It's the most accurate when it comes to just how much energy you need, tastes good, looks good and feels good," Bangani says.

He downed the contents of his V and headed back to the studio. - Lerato Matsaneng


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