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Niehaus's comrades must help him out

By unknown | Feb 18, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

The ANC is a broad church with different individuals of varied ambitions. But criminal tendencies have a potential to undermine the organisation's integrity and credibility if not dealt with correctly.

The ANC identified crime and corruption as illnesses to be dealt with decisively inside and outside their structures. Therefore, it should not protect criminals simply because they are doing a good job for the organisation. But the Carl Niehaus incident is not one of criminal behaviour with intent. He admitted his wrongdoings to the leadership before these became public.

His lifestyle was excessively extravagant. The ANC should rehabilitate him because he is an asset, not only to the organisation but to South Africa as a whole. He played a significant role during apartheid when he had an opportunity to be selfish and self-centred because he could benefit as an Afrikaner.

This hullabaloo of protecting criminals in the ANC is nothing, but electioneering. I knew that the ID and DA would use the issue to rebuke the ANC. I'm surprised that the UDM leader is quiet and hope this is not because in his Bantustan of Transkei, a lot of corruption and crime took place. Cope might want to speak out, but Mbhazima Shilowa is also implicated.

I am not being racist, but the truth is, Niehaus was seen as having betrayed Afrikaners when he fought the apartheid government.

Masket Mtshweni, Tshwane


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