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mara hits yvonne be(louw) the belt

By unknown | Feb 17, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

Mara Louw might have just stirred a hornet's nest when she dissed Yvonne Chaka Chaka on an intra-African television station at the weekend.

The incident happened on DStv's Pop Idol programme where young hopefuls have been trying their luck.

Louw took a swipe at Chaka Chaka for being on the A-list, accusing her of attending every function in town.

Her venomous attack came out of the blue.

The wannabe pop star cabin attendant was responding to a question Louw had posed about which star among those he had ever served on a plane had given him the hardest time. He related an incident where on his first day on the job he served Chaka Chaka.

He was so excited to meet the Princess of Africa and in his desire to impress he made careless mistakes - including spilling a drink on her. That elicited a reprimand from her.

The wannabe idol said he was not bitter but rather grateful that she had helped him to focus. He conceded he would be happy to see her again. Judge Gareth Cliff then pointed out that running into her if he made it to the finals was a strong possibility.

That's when Louw pounced with a cheap shot about Chaka Chaka.

Sounding chirpy on the telephone yesterday, Louw giggled before insisting that there was no cat fight between her and Chaka Chaka.

"I don't fight with kids. It was just a joke! At Idols, we tease everybody, we don't have any sacred cows. Everything we say should be taken with a pinch of salt," she said.

A surprised Chaka Chaka was taken aback by the remarks.

"Mara is old enough to be my mother and I am really disappointed that she would say that about me."

Louw is no stranger to controversy. A few seasons ago on the same show, she was lambasted for saying "hayi khona" to a contestant. She was accused of being racist.


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