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Popcorn gets big hip hop DJ's taste

By unknown | Feb 05, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Nthibane Makgeledise, better known as "DJ Lemonka" is one of the hottest producers on the local hip hop scene.

Nthibane Makgeledise, better known as "DJ Lemonka" is one of the hottest producers on the local hip hop scene.

Makgeledise has worked with and produced for some of the coolest and most talented hip hop musicians in the country such as Hip Hop Pantsula, Tuks Senganga and JR.

He has recently put together his first CD titled DJ Lemonka presents Motswako Tape. The CD features a string of big names on the local hip hop scene.

The album will be available at all leading music retailers on Valentine's Day, February 14.

With all this hip hopping, we wanted to find the right kind of product to complement this up and down lifestyle. It was also meant to find out what was the best microwaved popcorn in town.

"My shopping basket is never without a packet of microwaved popcorn," Makgeledise said.

A big fan of chilling at home and watching DVDs with a bowl of microwave popcorn, we knew he would be a great test candidate.

The first pack to be tested was the Woolworths popcorn. Just one look at the pack and Makgeledise was sold.

"I like the way it's packaged. It looks really good. I just want to tuck in. This packaging will definitely score you points with your lady," he said.

After the first crunchy bite, the hip DJ admitted he loved the taste.

"I love the flavour. It's the right amount of butter and salt. I could eat boxes of this popcorn," he said.

Pick n Pay's salted popcorn was up next. Though the packaging is similar to Woolworths, it does not impress Makgeledise.

"The packaging does not stimulate and the popcorn does nothing for me. It tastes like ordinary popcorn. They wasted money on the packaging. They should rather have spent that money on improving the taste of the popcorn."

Goldcrest's salted popcorn in their brown packaging was up next.

"I hate the packing. It looks like it was packaged at a pharmacy. The taste isn't too appetising either. They taste as bad as they look," he said.

The final track was Act II's cheddar cheese-flavoured popcorn.

"Wow! The taste is great. They have a great cheesy taste. They are so delicious you forget about their dodgy looking packet," he added.

Looks like Makgeledise will celebrate the launch of his new album on Valentine's Day with a pack of Act II's "off the hook cheddar cheese-flavoured popcorn".


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