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It's time to vote with your head, not heart

By unknown | Jan 29, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

As a young man living in Klerksdorp, I note sadly that some things just do not change.

The issues of the personality cult in the ruling party have not been addressed; the fight that the ANC led for multi-party governance is what it is fighting today.

Basic morals, values and discipline that the ANC is meant to institute are thrown out of the window as young leaders who have no discipline attack anyone they feel like attacking.

Where is the ANC leading the country to? The commandment of honour thy father and mother is ignored by ANC leaders, yet they are sent to speak to the youth, to plant more rotten seeds.

I don't see my vision, my future or my leader there.

Our country is faced with much more serious problems than to fight about a particular leader's credibility.

Fellow South Africans, young men and women, it is time to vote for a party that focuses on its people, not one that focuses on a few "top cats" who will benefit. We need a party with a leader who will take us forward

Some leaders cannot lead this country because they lack the ability to lead. They will be led because they will always be reminded of where they came from and what they owe to whom.

Let's register to vote and to make a difference. Let's not vote with our hearts, but with our minds.

Nathan Oliphant, Klerksdorp


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