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Coca-Cola's still king

By unknown | Jan 29, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Is it the fizzle or is it the sizzle that keeps us drinking these dark drinks?

Is it the fizzle or is it the sizzle that keeps us drinking these dark drinks?

Or is it that we have gone around the world twice and found that nothing goes better with brandy or Cognac than a chilled cola?

Or is just pure American imperialism that flows so strongly in our blood that it leads us straight to the fridge of any supermarket, looking for the cola side of life?

For our products of choice this week, colas, we chose someone who has travelled large parts of the world twice to tell us which cola he prefers.

Monde Mkhizwana is local music group Kwani Experience's drummer. The band that has performed across Africa and Europe creates a unique fusion of jazz, soul, funk, traditional hip-hop and modern African music flavours with some experimental touches.

Mkhizwana qualifies as a good enough candidate to take the test.

First up is Pepsi, in a two-tone blue and black tin.

"The can has an intense, yet youthful look," Mkhizwana says.

It takes just one sip to decide how he feels about this drink.

"It's sweet, but I wouldn't drink it unless I really had to. It also has a lot of gas. I've had just one sip and already I feel bloated," he says.

Next up is Coca-Cola.

"This one is my favourite. It doesn't have too much gas and it's very sweet. The other thing I like about it is that no matter where you are in the world, and even if you don't know any of the local drinks, you just look for the red can and you know you have a winner."

The red and white can containing Pick n Pay's cola is up next.

"It tastes similar to Coca-Cola. It's a good substitute because it has the same sweet taste.

"The packaging though is very boring and unoriginal. At a first glance, it looks just like a Coca-Cola can, so I'm not too impressed with it," Mkhizwana says.

Next, we gave him Coke Zero.

"Arrrg, this is nasty! It tastes terrible. It is flat and doesn't arouse the taste buds," he says.

And Tab?

"Tab tastes just as nasty as Coke Zero. It has a dodgy after-taste. I would only drink it if I wanted to lose weight," he says.

Then he returns to the studio with his can of CocaCola. - Lerato Matsaneng


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