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Alfred Moselakgomo

First National Bank has fired one of two consultants for robbing clients of nearly R500000. Twenty victims have laid charges of fraud and theft against the two.

A disciplinary hearing found Sydwell Nthane, 37, guilty of fraud. The FNB branch in Acornhoek, Mpumalanga, dismissed him yesterday.

"He was found to have committed fraud, to have acted dishonestly and his actions resulted in the bank suffering damage," said Steve Higgins, the bank's spokesman.

"We are still determining losses and are assisting and reimbursing customers who fell victim to the scam," he said.

Nthane and Johan Sibetha, 26, were arrested in November for coercing senior citizens to take part in a scheme they said would yield huge profits. The victims' accounts had been depleted.

Higgins said: "Sibetha remains suspended following requests from his union representative to postpone his hearing, which we intend to complete as soon as possible."

Police said yesterday that more than 20 people who were defrauded had come forward to lay charges.

"Fraud and theft cases have poured in since the arrests. Our investigations are continuing," said Captain Jerry Maphanga of the Mpumalanga police.

The two are out on bail. They will appear in court again next month.


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