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ANC leadership begins candidate review

The African National Congress is starting its “dispute resolution process” in a bid to address the a.

What people think of Harms' judgment

By unknown | Jan 13, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Katlego Moeng

Katlego Moeng

Most ordinary South Africans that Sowetan spoke to yesterday following Judge Harms ruling thought that ANC president Jacob Zuma should stand trial. Once he is found not guilty, they said, they would not have a problem with him leading the country.

Denzel Edgar of Melville said: "I think Zuma should stand trial. Democracy would be lost if the rule of law does not take place. But either way it is bad. If he does not stand trial, our justice system is flawed. But if the president of the country stands trial, it is also bad."

Martin Mmola of Auckland Park agreed that Zuma should stand trail. "I don't have anything against Zuma, but for him to run the country with this hanging over his head is not good for South Africa's image."

Johannesburg resident Anna Vos said she is happy about the ruling. "I think if it is good for me and you, then it is good for Zuma. It is fair that he answers in court. Let us just see the outcomes of the trial."

Apostolis Vourazerig of Orange Grove believes Zuma should stand trial. "We all make mistakes. If he is good enough to run the country, then it's fine. We will forgive him and I see nothing wrong with him being president."

But Jabu Mhlangu rejected the court ruling, claiming that there must be a political conspiracy. "Mbeki and the people who have formed Cope are against Zuma being president. It is a dangerous game that they are playing and it might result in bloodshed."

His wife Thandi Mhlangu agreed with him. "I don't like politics but I love Msholozi. I think he is chosen by God to be a leader. I don't want him to go to trial because the whites are laughing at usand ourdemocracy."

Abby Kitime believes that no-one is above the law. "The judgment is good. If everyone is equal before the law then he must go to court."


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