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Neighbours at each other's throat over R3000 'debt'

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Alfred Moselakgomo

Alfred Moselakgomo

The Mmatabane and Ntshudisane families, who have been close neighbours for nearly 20 years, are now the worst of enemies.

Their violent relationship prompted local induna Babsi Kekana to call for a tribal gathering yesterday to try and resolve the matter.

The dispute between the families, who live in Malebitsa village near Marapyane in Mpumalanga, revolves around R3000 the Ntshudisanes say they lent the Mmatabanes' youngest son, Majwae, to get a driver's licence.

Majwae worked as a taxi driver for the Ntshudisanes until he recently found a new job.

"They demanded their money back but our son claims they did not pay him for the job he did," said Majwae's mother.

But the Ntshudisanes insist the money was advanced to Majwae as a loan - and they want it back.

The simmering row appeared to have ended last year but was rekindled this weekend when the police arrested Majwae for "violating a protection order".

He allegedly passed in front of the Ntshudisanes' house though the order bars him from going anywhere near the place.

Kekana says he has tried in vain to help the warring neighbours to become friends again.


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