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ABC for Obama's kids

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Tom Baldwin

WASHINGTON - Sasha and Malia Obama arrived at their new school yesterday, protected from physical attack by the Secret Service but still thrust into the glare of being global celebrities.

The girls - aged 7 and 10 - who are already being spoken about as role models for a generation of African-American children, will be educated on separate campuses at the Sidwell Friends School.

Chelsea Clinton, the last presidential daughter to attend the Quaker school, which has long been a haven for the offspring of the Washington elite, is regarded as having emerged as a level-headed adult.

Security around the children of president-elect Barack Obama, however, is expected to be tighter because of the terror attacks on the US in 2001 and the racial threats made against the first black family to occupy the White House.

Some of the school's highly motivated parents are rumoured to be hoping that their children might be provided access to the social circle of the Obamas. Some have already been asked not to speak to the press, who are expected to be camped out at both sites this morning.

Pupils have been told to be respectful of the privacy of their new classmates or merely to say "no comment" when approached by the media.

A particular concern is the use of mobile phone cameras by children, as well as the ease with which pictures can be put onto the Internet.

The exclusive school promises that it knows how to make the girls feel comfortable because of its Quaker values.

Michelle Obama and her daughters arrived in Washington on Saturday after a holiday in Hawaii. The president-elect arrived on Sunday. They are staying at the Hay-Adams hotel in suites that can cost as much as R60000 a night.

On January 15 they will move to Blair House, which is usually reserved for visiting foreign dignitaries, before taking over the White House after the inauguration on January 20.

One parent of a Sidwell pupil, who asked not to be named, said: "The real interest for my son is how many secret servicemen he can spot. Men with wires in their ears. That's cool." - The Times News Service, London


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