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'Storm in tea cup' for court

By unknown | Dec 19, 2008 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

Afrikaans musician, TV actor and poet Steve Hofmeyr - who has been taking media flack about his controversial relationships with women - threw a cup of tea at You magazine editor Esmare Weideman at the Miss World pageant at Sun City on Monday.

And now the magazine is going to sue him, even though Weideman said she is not angry with him.

"But I regard this as an attack on the media first, secondly on me as a woman, and therefore, he will not get away with this. You magazine is taking legal action against him.

"He approached me from behind ... and said good morning. And when I turned around to greet him in return, he threw a cup of cold tea in my face. I was shocked but did not retaliate. He recently has been complaining about the media and how they recently reported about his marital problems."

His controversial biography, Mense van my Asem, articulated the details around his crumbling 10-year marriage to actress Natasha Sutherland and revealed a 10-year affair with fitness instructor Janine van der Vyver. Hofmeyr was also on Clive Derby-Lewis's and Janusz Walus's Chris Hani death list.

Repeated attempts to speak to the controversial artist drew a blank yesterday.


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